Compliance is often times not front of mind until you’re being inspected, or investigated, and your license or privilege is now at stake; you may end up facing large fines, probation, or worse.

There are well over 200 cannabis compliance points for each license type, and they are ever-changing. Even for the more established Clients, we’ve found that our assessment and report is a great baseline, or sanity check for their compliance teams, and it provides peace of mind for owners and stakeholders. But for the majority of our clients, we find that our compliance deliverables are essential to many aspects of their business.

We are able to spot check each and every one of the aforementioned compliance points for your license types, and we can provide you with a detailed report on how your company ranks with all of them. Our proprietary Compass reports give you all the information you need to design your path to compliance and avoid very costly interactions with your regulators.