If you are a licensed marijuana or marijuana manufacturing business chances are right now you are getting product samples re-tested for mold and yeast to comply with Marijuana Microbial Testing and Contaminant Compliance. Well, you have to if you plan to move any product in the month of February due to cannabis testing regulations in Colorado. The test must be validated prior to selling any cannabis or cannabis products, as the MED discovered that the existing procedure for marijuana microbial testing and contaminant compliance needs to be adjusted.

Marijuana Microbial Testing


A bulletin released by the MED last week issued a required batch re-test to validate harvest or product under the new procedure for testing for mold and yeast. The commonplace tool used to test for yeast and mold in marijuana labs is the 3M Total Yeast and Mold Rapid Petrifilms. These petrifilms are testing trays that labs use to incubate and test for mold and mildew and yeast contaminants. Before, the incubation time was set to 48 hours, which has now been deemed insufficient. New information and data shows that marijuana products need 60-72 hours to incubate in order to get accurate test results on mold and yeast microbial contamination.

The MED director Jim Burack declared that the process for testing for mold and yeast needs to be changed. Acting on their ability to request and require a test batch at any time, the MED is doing just that, requiring that all licensed retail marijuana businesses submit a sample to a licensed lab to be reevaluated. The MED is requiring any licensed producer of marijuana or a marijuana product submit a sample to a proper testing facilities to test the mold and yeast levels under the new guidelines of a 60-72 hour incubation period.


Contaminant Compliance


No one wants to smoke, vape, dab or eat toxic levels mold or yeast when trying to medicate, which is why we support the MED and their regulations on retail cannabis. R 712 as well as the subsequent R 1500 series (1501 – 1507) of the Permanent Retail Marijuana Rules of the Marijuana Enforcement Division set parameters for the sampling and random testing of marijuana or marijuana manufactured products by a registered retail marijuana testing facility.

These rules define the permissible levels of contaminants such as microbials and residual solvents and metals allowed by law in retail product. Both Retail Marijuana Cultivation Licenses (RMC) and Retail Marijuana Products Manufacturing Facility Licenses (RMPMF) are subject to compliance investigations to compile data or address a public health and safety concern under these rules.


If you need help assessing or carrying out testing to stay compliant with contaminant regulations and marijuana microbial testing get in touch with EvolutionZ team of professionals today. We can help you easily navigate the compliance system and move forward with ever-changing regulation with ease.


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