It was only a matter of time before America’s best-selling cannabis concentrates brand launched sales in one of nation’s hottest marijuana markets. And to our friends in Nevada, we cannot wait to introduce you to the The Clear™.

Nevada cannabis consumers can now join those in California, Colorado, Arizona, Washington, Oregon, Michigan and New Mexico (CBD only), who are already enjoying The Clear’s potent, pure oil in their vaporizers.

We’re thrilled to be partnering with Nevada Treatment Solutions as our exclusive licensee to bring The Clear™’s expansive line of cannabis concentrate products to dispensaries across the Silver State. Nevada Treatment Solutions, best known for their stand-out Las Vegas dispensary Zen Leaf, is an established leader in American cannabis.

And what exactly will customers find when they purchase their first vaporizer from The Clear™? Our 500mg THC vape cartridges and 350mg THC disposable vape pens both feature the groundbreaking ceramic heating technology of CCELL™. And our initial Nevada launch includes seven of The Clear’s 17 proprietary, handmade natural flavors, including Blue Raz, Grapevine, Lemon Haze, Lemon Lime, Orange Cream, OG, XJ-13, and the traditional Golden Goat.

These products will of course be just as potent (up to 90% THC) and clean (using solvent-free extraction) as the cannabis concentrate products our enthusiastic customers across America have grown to love over the last five years.

Customers will also notice our industry-leading technology, which we’ve spent the last five years perfecting in Colorado and other states. We’ve been working with Nevada Treatment Solutions—as we do with our partners all over—on how to optimize the latest cannabis science available, our customized laboratory processes and the state-of-the-art equipment that has become synonymous with The Clear™.

Because we’ve provided such high-quality and reliable products to our customers over the years, The Clear™ has become the best-selling and best-known concentrates brand in the country. Many Nevadans already know us since they live next door to California, where The Clear™ was born and remains immensely popular. And of course, we’re looking forward to putting The Clear™ into the hands of Nevada’s legion of adult tourists, numbering in the millions every year.

We’re excited to be a part of Nevada’s new legal cannabis era, especially since Nevadans have gotten on board for recreational cannabis in such a big way; Consumers purchased $263 million in adult-use cannabis products in the first nine months of legal retail sales alone. And now the state is on track to generate $350 million in recreational sales in its first 12 months.

And for that, we applaud you, Nevada friends.

We’ll continue to do our part by expanding the offerings of our flavorful products to market in Nevada in the coming months—and in the meantime, please reach out and let us know what you’d like to see.

Learn more about The Clear’s wide array of industry-leading cannabis concentrate products.