MJ Freeway POS Help and Automation

Seed to Sale Tracking and METRC Support / Training 

Whether you are part of the MJ Freeway family or not, just know that you have a very competent friend and ally in your EvolutionZ team. We can help with POS Automation for Seed to Sale Tracking and METRC Support or Training. Leveraging resources of EvolutionZ is the easiest way to get quick answers and solutions regarding Cannabis Compliance, POS Automation, METRC, the MED, Administrative Assistance and more. Recent data leakage and business interruptions in the MJ Freeway POS system bring light to how fickle things can really be with technology.

Fine tuning your understanding of seed to sale tracking for METRC compliance can help you save big bucks. Dispensaries are at risk for up to $50,000 in fines for minor clerical errors in inventory tracking. That being said, there are many ways to rebound in the event of a crash like MJ Freeway had last week.  If you had to fall back on plan-b alternatives for your day to day business activities due to you POS crash we can help you get back on track. Get someone in there ASAP to help you reconcile any manual entries and maintain compliance moving forward.

We conduct full scale cannabis compliance audits for medical, recreational or both business types. Get conclusive results on where your red flags are and how to get compliant. In turn, prevent the possibility of large fines or business loss due to non-compliance. Our proprietary compass report is easy to use, accurate and affordable!

In addition, take advantage hands-on METRC and POS educational training. Bring in an industry expert to train you and/or your whole team on the ins and outs of seed to sale tracking and how it applies specifically to your business.

Lastly, you can join our Compliance Resource Center for easy access to answers for compliance, METRC and packaging questions. Simply call or submit questions online and get a documented answer within 2 days. Membership is all inclusive and pertains to all employees and multiple licences. No contracts or financial obligations: pay as you go.