Marijuana Advertising Regulation

Legitimizing the cannabis industry leads to shrinking grey areas in related legislation – most recently, Marijuana Advertising . Forward thinking states like Colorado push to make cannabis advertising illegal for non-licensed businesses. Like in most areas of canna business, cannabis regulatory compliance is the key to success and progress. If passed, Senate Bill 15 will make illegal cannabis advertisements a level 2 drug misdemeanor. A person not licensed to sell medical or retail marijuana cannot advertise the sale of marijuana or marijuana concentrate.

Marijuana on Craigslist

Anybody whose every tried knows it’s not hard to find advertisements to purchase cannabis products online. Obviously this raises red flags for the feds, law enforcement and the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division. The loose regulation on sites like craigslist and leafly allows anyone to advertise pretty much whatever they want. This new regulation aims to hold individuals accountable for their actions.

Regulating Marijuana Advertising

Colorado is leading the way in establishing best practices for mobile and web presence in the industry. Regulating marijuana advertising with legislation will shift the public’s perceptions away from thinking cannabis transactions are like drug deals. Removing unlawful ads creates an industry wide professional marketing tone that better represents the value and worth of cannabis business.

“We support the coming legislation, and any other proposals that strengthen the operating environment for the licensed entities that are playing by the rules, which combating the black market certainly does. The regulatory framework for the cannabis industry is a constantly moving target, and should be expected to continue to be so for the coming years while it’s being refined,” says Justin Pentelute CEO of EvolutionZ.

Illegal ads online are out of control. Evidence points to over 600 postings in the Denver area daily. As legislation grows, and the industry becomes more stable, black market sales will become a thing of the past. It will be harder and harder for unlicensed cultivators to advertise and sell their crop. Because there will be defined law and consequences making it harder for illegal distributors to reach customers.

The days of the wild wild west of Colorado cannabis are dwindling down. That being said, the green rush is still booming and legitimate cannabis businesses need strong venues and forums to communicate with their client base. Navigating regulatory marketing compliance is an extremely big job. EvolutionZ’ team of professionals can help you get it right the first time!  Prevent costly mistakes to save time while effectively reaching customers to increase your bottom line. Feel free to browse EvolutionZ’ services pages or contact us today to secure your opportunity.

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