If you’re looking for a rewarding career in a growing field, Evolutionz offers unbeatable opportunities. We’re looking for cannabis industry professionals, including accountants, consultants, web gurus, and more. Here at Evolutionz, we provide customizable businesses packages for folks in the cannabis industry; which is why we’re backed by an ever-growing staff of experts in their fields. Join the Evolutionz team, and become our next expert. Why?


As we mentioned, we don’t provide just one solution for cannabis industry businesses. We provide a multitude of services. That’s why we’ve built Evolutionz around a diverse team of smart, experienced individuals. We provide the best in cannabis industry consultation services, and our name is synonymous with quality – quality services, unmatched results, and an unmatched team.


The cannabis industry is on the rise, and the demand for cannabis industry experts is unending. Get in on the ground floor of an industry that’s on the rise both locally and nationally. Joining Evolutionz isn’t just a good move upfront; it’s a smart step towards a field that is new, growing, and sure to stick around. Make a name for yourself in the cannabis consulting industry, and get ahead of the game.


We have the resources and experience to mold passionate professionals into industry leading experts. At Evolutionz, we encourage growth and change. We evolve. It’s in our name after all. Build a career, gain experience, and flourish.


Can’t wait to start? Get in touch with us to learn more about our current employment opportunities. We’re ecstatic to meet newcomers, and we’re constantly building a bigger, better team!



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