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Cannabis Industry Business Funding

It’s true for any business, and the cannabis industry is no exception: You need capital to get off the ground. Unless you’re planning on personally funding your business, you’ll need to generate capital to get operations up and running. Evolutionz can help. Although it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to get your business started without a single dime of out-of-pocket expense, we can help you find sources for the funds that you need to get going. We also help existing businesses find additional capital for unforeseen expenses and time-sensitive opportunities.




How We Generate Capital

If you’re building a startup from the ground up, you need capital. Your expenses can range from recurring lease bills, to inventory, to employment. We ensure that you have enough funds in the bank to cover those bills. We can explore a variety of capital-earning sources, including private lenders, crowdfunding, or other investors. Evolutionz is a cannabis-industry consultation and accounting firm, and we specialize in generating capital for new and existing businesses. We can look at your current financial stance, and we can aid you in pursuing capital from all of the following sources:






Generating capital can help you start a business, save your business, or grow your business. Count on Evolutionz’ capital generating services for any and all of the following reasons:

Business Expectations

INVENTORY – If you’re running low on supplies, you’ll need to tap into your capital finances to stock up. Capital generation can be especially critical for businesses seeking to seize a specific inventory opportunity (e.g. a discount on bulk inventory, extra inventory to keep up with demand).

EQUIPMENT – If you need new equipment, or you need to replace or maintain old equipment, you may need some extra capital. New equipment is an expensive upfront cost, and existing equipment can break out of the blue. Get your equipment up and running with our capital generation.

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Business Expectations

EMPLOYMENT – If you need to hire a workforce to get things going, you’ll need some funds to take care of paychecks. Use your newly gained capital to pay workers and service providers.

PROPERTY – If you’re leasing a lot or purchasing property, you may need some additional capital to pay your monthly bills. We can connect you with the capital you need to invest in a property that will support your business.

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Business Expectations

MARKETING – It costs money to build a brand and capture public attention. Use your capital market your business. You might use your capital to build a website, run a campaign, or visit a trade convention.

DEBTS – Businesses have debts, and businesses go through rough patches. Utilize your capital to pay off debts and mitigate the ebb and flow of fund fluctuation.

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