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Cannabis Industry Big Data Analysis

Here at Evolutionz, we specialize in providing big data acquisition, processing, and analysis for clients in the cannabis industry.

We can digitize and analyze of a large number of data points to provide unique insight into the cannabis market, your specific industry, and the past, current, and upcoming performance of your company.


The Applications of Big Data Analytics


Big data analytics can be used as an overarching view of the current economy in the cannabis industry; it can be utilized to assess the health of your business; it can aid in understanding the local market and your competition; and it can boost your customer service and client satisfaction. For an all-encompassing view of the performance of your business, including external and internal factors, you can count on Evolutionz’ big data analytics. The applications of Evolutionz’ big data analytics are many:

Take a look at industry data, and see how competitors are performing. Analyze any number of performance factors to see where your company stands amongst its competition.


Big data can provide insight into both external and internal conditions in the market. If, for instance, there’s a surplus of a product throughout the cannabis market, you can adjust your pricing to bring balance to current market supply and demand.


Data analytics can provide relatively accurate projections of your business’ performance, progress, and change. Know the direction of your company, and get ahold of the steering wheel.


Customers vote with their dollar. You can utilize big data analytics to see the types of products that your customers prefer. Then, you can shift your inventory to cater to your clientele, keeping customers satisfied and business booming.


With big data analytics, you can gain a bird’s-eye view of your company and its performance. When you weigh data side by side with correlative information, you earn a unique view of interconnectivity and trends. If, for instance, you note that your sales spike in summer months and slow during the winter, you can adjust your inventory to meet demand and adjust employee hours during the slower season.



The Benefits of Evolutionz’ Big Data Analytics


Big data can help you save money, maximize profits, and outperform competitors. You’ll gain a unique understanding of your business and your current stance here in the cannabis industry.



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